This is a rather special one for me and a flashback to one of my first weddings after the big lockdowns! I have no idea why it's taken me so long to write about this wedding, it was just a dream come true! Putting it into words just doesn't do it justice. I simply adore Holy Island and can quite honestly say I’d never thought I’d be photoing a wedding here. To say I was thrilled when they booked is an understatement! I'm still smiling looking back at the photos a year on 💜

Flashback to June 2021....

Lisa and Rob initially held their wedding in June 2021 on Holy Island, a place that is very special to them as they volunteer on the island. They had quite a journey getting there with not one, but two wedding delays!

As the big day finally came around (and thanks to restrictions!) I hadn't actually had the pleasure of meeting the couple, only chatting over messages. I was super nervous that this wedding might get delayed again. We were all living for week-by-week updates from the government and things changed radically from one week to the next, so it wasn't always wise to just hope things will be okay, thankfully the big day came, no huge restrictions in place and I was driving up to Northumberland with a huge smile on my face! It's odd to look back now (in mid 2022) but this 'small wedding' seemed huge.

So, when the day came I must admit to feeling rather rusty. The weather was also a bit of a jerk, to say the least... After weeks of scorching sun and glorious summer days leading up to this wedding, I arrived on the island to face a super grey drizzly day. Classic North East weather to say the least 🤣

The ceremony would take place in lovely St Aidan's Church with a traditional pub lunch of fish and chips in the Islands best pub (IMO)... The Crown!

Looking back, it's safe to say that the weather didn't dampen the mood. Such a beautiful day for two amazing people.

Here's a little photo reel from that day 💜

Fast-forward to April 2022... Let's Party!!!!

Lockdown has finally eased and Lisa and Rob were able to have a big party with all their friends. It was a great night with a load of familiar faces! I even got to have a beer at this one and invade the dance floor with the party cam!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, with people like this it really does make my job the best job in the world 💜

Lockdown weddings, if anything, prove that love conquers all

Thank you to Lisa and Rob for booking me and everyone else that kept our small business going during a tough period. Looking back at days like this just makes me appreciate things all the more. So very very glad that I persevered and managed to survive during the lockdown. I couldn't have done it without my amazing customers who took a gamble with the lockdown roulette!