Bec and James 29th October 2022 - Highlight Video

Flashback to Halloween 2022 for a very special wedding 💜 I've known James wince I was a little lad at first school and it was an honour to be asked to photo his wedding.

We had a lot of fun at this wedding and although was mostly a grey and rainy day, the rain subsided and allowed us to go and have a bit of fun around the Sunderland Festival of Light, which is held just down the road from the Roker Hotel 😍

Equipment and my Fuji experiment

This was shot 80% on my trusty Canon R6, while I experimented with the brand new Fuji XH2. The bulk of the ceremony was taken on the XH2, except for the aisle shots, which were taken on the R6. Have to admit the tracking on the R6 wipes the floor with the XH2. Which is one of the main reasons I upgraded to the XH2s. 

All in all a fun experiment but I did sell the XH2 not long after, speed, accuracy and lowlight performance were really tested at this wedding. The XH2s just out performs in all those areas. I was convinced on paper that the HX2 would be the perfect wedding camera for me but you never really know until you use them at a real event.