Sarah and Liam Photo highlights video

Sarah and Liam - February 2023 Charlton Hall Video

My New Year's Resolution is to keep my wedding blog bang up-to-date! Posting the same week as the actual wedding. As last year got so busy I ended up not having time to share all the weddings I wanted to. I think I'm still about 6 months behind on those posts :(

So going forward, for all my photography weddings I'm gonna post a quick highlight reel showing my absolute fave shots from each wedding!

Starting off with a fantastic day with Sarah and Liam. Back at Charlton Hall seems like the perfect place to kick off my 2023 photography season in style 🙌

Although the weather decided to be very English and we had drizzle and clouds for most of the day. Amazingly, it stopped at some key moments allowing us to grab a quick group shot and a fantastic set of confetti shots!

Sarah and Liam threw one hell of a great party and the dancefloor was buzzing. The Krispy Kreme wedding doughnuts went down a storm with the guests (and me yum!).

It also marks my first full wedding as a Fuji photographer following my transition late last year from Canon 💜 safe to say I'm utterly in love with the results and the lush colours 😍