2024 packages are now available

As we head to the end of another fully booked season I've put together some revised and streamlined wedding photography options for the coming year and beyond.

Sadly, due to the doubling of our business rent and expenses over 2023, there have been some inevitable price rises. However, I feel our service is still an absolute bargain for the quality and amount of photos we deliver per wedding. 2024 marks my 12th year as a wedding photographer and 5 years since I went full-time and launched BSC, my experience of hundreds of weddings is priceless.

From January 2024 there will be a reduction in the amount of weddings I take on, this will ensure the quality of service is maintained and turnaround times improved. The last 3 years have been utterly frantic due to lockdown restrictions and backlogs! Price rises will also allow me to offer a better service by restricting weddings to a maximum of 2 per week in peak season. I aim to bring turnaround times for galleries down to a 4-week goal by the end of 2024! Currently sitting at 12 weeks, which don't get me wrong is pretty damn fast for a fully booked photographer, but I'd love to be more fluid in my editing workflow.

To help with turnaround times. I'll be cutting back on optional extras (photobooks USBs) and concentrating on digital delivery. Although printing services will still be available.

Head here to view the new packages 💜

PS sorry the video business has now officially closed it's doors, due to very high demand for photography