This Is Reportage

I am very happy to announce that I've joined This Is Reportage!

Over the last two wedding seasons, I've become increasingly obsessed with candid and unposed wedding photos, to the point where I have had to fully embrace it and go with my gut instinct to pursue this approach. I've long admired and if I'm honest I've been jealous of those who are fully 100% candid shooters.

I'm not sure if I fit 100% into that category, and I think I'm very content with that. I still love some off-camera flash portraits and those lush couple portraits which involve some minor posing, albeit with a natural vision aiming for real moments or shall we say "semi-staged real-looking moments"! So, I'd estimate that I'm still about 97% documentary at most. Authenticity to the couple being photographed and the atmosphere is paramount, nothing staged or fake. But I have no intention of stopping the off-camera flash portraits as we all know how much fun those are!!

After 12 years of photographing weddings, it feels like somewhat of a late epiphany but it's never too late to embrace a change. I will be sharing much more reportage-style work, as that is where my heart lies and I want to fully embrace it 💜📸

Joining TIR will hopefully allow me to grow and learn this approach to wedding photos. There are so many photo opportunities I miss due to the old-school regimented approach I grew up with and witnessed as a guest at weddings.

I hope you can follow me on my journey 😍

Please check out my portfolio over there