2022 is now a warm fuzzy memory and it’s time for me to reflect on things before I jump head-on into 2023 💜

What a wild ride the last couple of years have been. 62 weddings since the lockdown ended! Plus a whole load of lovely couples that make my job thee absolute best!

I still have a handful of galleries in the edit queue and I'll be working on getting those processed and out to couples in towards the end of January.

Here are my favourite shots from the last couple of seasons. As 2022 and 2021 kind of rolled into each other thanks to that pesky lockdown!!

Some changes to BSC services going forward

It is with regret that I will no longer be offering video services (this does not affect video bookings already made, those will go ahead). I’ll be focusing 100% on photography, particularly my documentary style, for the coming seasons. 

The last few years have been incredibly demanding and the introduction of video services has had a huge impact on my turnaround times. So much that I feel it’s become a huge distraction from what I am really passionate about. Making the above showreel really made me smile and realise this is what I need to concentrate on 💜

I’m super proud of every video we’ve made and it’s been a grand adventure. That said I am currently doing the work of two people (70+ hours per week easily!) and I don’t want that to impact the quality of my service. I’m in my forties now and I need to admit that my body can’t function on adrenaline, wedding cake and coffee 🤣 So, I’ll be introducing a much healthier work-life balance in 2023, whilst offering a much better customer experience.

2023 and onwards

Photography bookings for 2024 and 2025 are now open and available at inflation-busting prices. Realistically, the business running costs are going through the roof. Hopefully, the economy will sort itself out but for now, I’d recommend booking in early before the inevitable price rises.

2023 is looking busy. Currently, 70% booked and expecting the remaining dates to fill up soon. There is also a January sale running until February 2023 💜📸

Graeme xx

PS the office is now closed until 18th Jan 2023 for annual leave. I’ll have limited internet access but I will reply to all messages asap :)

One of my favourite shots of 2022 at Horton Grange