Flashback to a beautiful day and an amazing experience in May 2022.

I was asked to photograph the engagement party for Suneeta and Jason in a local Newcastle venue Walkerville Community Centre.

I don't often get a chance to photograph Sikh weddings or engagements and I feel very honoured that Sunetta asked me to photograph their party. It was such an amazing experience. I adored the fabulous outfits and atmosphere. It was truly a magical day and I think I brought my own style of documentary photography to give a different take on the celebrations.

I must admit to feeling outside of my comfort zone on the day, but I was overwhelmed and fully immersed in the experience. It was magical to witness the love, support and sheer joy of celebration from the families and friends. I felt absolutely drawn into the dancefloor to witness the jubilation. Such an amazing experience as a photographer and I hope I managed to capture that emotion and joy 💜 Simply put, I adored every minute of this day!

Here's just a very small selection of photos from the day. We'll be back with Suneeta to photo and video her Mehndi party in August. Not gonna lie, I can't wait!!

Sikh engagement party