Reportage Package

Fully documentary style, modern unposed and candid photos aka no boring photos 🤣

This is a brand-new package launched as BSC moves towards 100% documentarty coverage only. With some awesome low pricing to kick thngs off with a £250 discount!

Authentic and emotional photography 🙌

Documentary Wedding Photography

Pick your flavour 📸

All packages are flexible full-day to fit your schedule

Option 1

Retro and Mono

The best of both worlds 💜

Two sets of photos; Retro Colour and a duplicate in Classic Mono.

Approx 1600 photos.


£1250 (usually £1500)

Option 2

Classic Mono

This one is for the black and white fans.  One full gallery of mono only photos.

Super contrasty and timelessly iconic.

Approx 800 photos.


£1000 (usually £1250)

Option 3

Retro Mix

A mix of colour and black and white photos. Selected by your photographer.

Warm colour cinematic tones and epic mono.

Approx 800 photos.


£1000 (usually £1250)

Prices are listed for the Tyne and Wear area. Travel charges are applicable outside this area.

Please get in touch for a no obligation quote.

Package Info

What Is Reportage Wedding Photography?

Reportage Photography goes by a few different names, often called Documentary, Candid or Fly on the Wall style. It is all about telling the story of your day in a natural authentic style. Without interfering with proceedings or staging photos.

We thrive on capturing real moments and documenting your big day from start to finish.

Your photographer is friendly and will blend in, chat and mingle with guests. This is part of the service and is essential to ensure they are at ease with a camera floating around and let their guard down!

What's included with the Reportage package?

  • All packages are full-day, at approx 10 hours you can opt for shorter hours if you wish. Minimum 6 hours max 12 hours.
  • A private online gallery to share with guests and family. With a high-resolution download.
  • Meet your photographer. A pre-wedding meeting about 4-6 weeks before your big day.
  • Fast turnaround for final edited images. The typical turnaround is 4-8 weeks. Times might be longer during peak season.
  • Approx 800 edited photos (for a full-day booking)
  • One Highlight Video. Same week sneak peek! We'll share a curated selection of the best shots from your day and create a short highlight video for you to share with friends and family.
How much is the deposit?

The deposit is £250 with the remaining balance due 21 days before the event.

Payments are made online via our booking system. Debit/Credit Card/Bank Transfer accepted.

A little bit more info about colour options

Option 1

The best of both worlds. All photos in colour plus black and white.

Two full galleries with all photos in both retro colour and a separate gallery in black and white.

Approx 1600 photos in total for a full wedding day.

Option 2

Classic Mono

All photos are delivered in my expressive black and white tone. Super contrasty and timelessly iconic .

Approx 800 photos in total for a full wedding day.

Option 3

Your photographer will give you a mix of colour and mono photos. Carefully selecting the best profile to fit a scene.

Cinematic warm tones with a 60’s Kodak like tone. Heavily inspired by old Kodachrome film. Using Fuji colour profiles for the most stunning colours, with a mix of Fujifilm Classic Chrome, PRO Hi Neg and Reala Ace. These photos look great on a screen but the wow factor hits much harder when you see them in printed format. 

Black and white are based on an Acros film profile I have developed and you can see throughout my portfolio.

Approx 800 photos in total for a full wedding day.

What if I want some formal and family shots?

Those are not included with this package, as it is Reportage. For a more traditional staged type wedding photography please check out the Goldilocks package.

Newcastle documentary photographer

Minimum booking time is 6 hours, up to a maximum of 12 hours. Pricing is the same for 6 to 10 hours. Over 10 hours an additional fee is applicable.

Documentary FAQ

Who is it for?

This style is becoming hugely popular with modern laidback couples who just want to enjoy the day and not have to leave their guests to disappear for photos!

I highly recommend it for couples who aren't sure they want a photographer. This option is a perfect compromise. None of the cringe or discomfort.

Also works great for those who'd like a stunning professional set of images to look back on for years to come but who are a bit uncomfortable in front of the camera.

What if you'd like a few couple photos?

We'd recommend getting at least a few shots of the couple. This is a free option. We'll direct you and capture you together in a subtle and natural way, with no awkward poses!

Can we do confetti shots?

Hell yes 🎉

Can we do a formal family and group shot?

Formals/group shots are not included with this package. I'd recommend taking a look at the Goldilocks package.

What if guests want a quick posed shot?

Of course, we are happy to oblige any photo requests from your guests on the day, (so it's not super strict documentary only!) if anyone asks for a posed shot on the day we will happily snap away 📷

How many photographers?

Only one photographer is needed, this way we keep a discrete low profile. Our photographer is laidback, fun, and friendly with a canny knack for blending into the background. So you won't notice he is there most of the time. Those make for the best shots!

Newcastle documentary wedding photography
Feedback on our documentary style

Customer Review

We picked Graeme as our wedding photographer as we wanted a really relaxed, laid-back style of photos to remember the day by and on this Graeme has delivered. It was great to have the option of all the prints in colour and B&W too.

My husband isn't great at having his photo taken and wasn't looking forward to this part of the day but Graeme put us both at ease and we've got some beautiful memories of the day now captured forever.

Tasha and Gary – Feb 2023

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